Sunday, 27 January 2013

Parental involvement in childs education

How can schools use modern technology to increase parental involvement in their child’s education?".


  1. I know that the school website is a good source of information. Beside the offcial data and information, there is also the forum which can offer you an idea about what happens in that school, "informally". Waht schools can do is make a section "from parents to parents" in which they can meet when the lack of time doesn't allow a physical encounter. They can share there a lot of ideas about theri children's education and much needed decisions can be taken like this. I liked also what I saw in a high school from UK. They had an electronic system which allowed parents to go online and see their children absences, grades and assignments. I know that children don't really like this, feeling entrapped, but I think it keeps them out of trouble in a certain extent.

  2. Do children really know what they need? If the parents do not get involved, who will have the patience and cosistency to guide them so many years? It's true society, through its various insitutions, tries its best, but it's a distant, cold involvement. The parents are the ones who have to take matters in their hands and get involved in their children education, as much as possible, if they want to do their best for their children.

  3. I think it is important to include parents in their child’s education, in order to enhance the child’s education. This can be achieved by making the parents more aware of what work their son / daughter are doing and providing the parents with information on their child’s progress. Thus allowing the parents to supplement what is covered in the classroom at home, though this does become harder as the child grows older.